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The Earnings Beacon focuses upon the personal and corporate financial areas of most critical importance to business owners. These topics include profit protection and maximization, personal and corporate tax efficiencies, as well as wealth management, and lastly retirement, estate and legacy planning.

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Through The Earnings Beacon, and The Earnings Beacon Seminar Series, we’re elevating the level of dialogue and action around critical wealth-building and succession-readiness topics for business owners. Whether your business will transition in the next few years or not for 10 or 30 years to come, you must not fall into the trap of feeling too harried to take the steps necessary to effectively harvest, and protect, the fruits of your labours.

Sure, we’re all, hopefully, doing what we love. But, at the end of the day, are you working simply to work? Or are you working to build abundance and wealth for your family, yourself, and your community?

Harkening back to Covey’s “Urgent/Important Matrix”, you can build your required financial structures and tools while the task remains in the upper left quadrant, Important but not Urgent. Or, you can wait until you’re firmly in the upper right quadrant, Important AND Urgent. Of course, by then, it may be too late.

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