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Our work has shown us that very few successful business owners – far fewer that one percent – have an effective and comprehensive financial plan in place that encompasses both their corporate and personal worlds. The other ninety-nine percent need a plan, badly.

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Suggested Topics

While we can customize our presentations to your needs, and the interests of your audience, audiences have found the following topics of most interest.


Business owners, you really can get from here to there

Description: Most business owners, like most individuals in general, don’t allow themselves to dream about what they truly, deeply desire. Most don’t believe those dreams can come true. And further, many don’t even have a deep and clear understanding of their current reality. During this talk we make it clear that business owners can understand their current situation, their “here”, and they can achieve their future desired outcome, their “there”. You can get from “here” to “there”. But you need a plan!


Business succession from a financial perspective

Description: There are many different aspects and considerations during any business succession event. Some of these are emotional, relational, and very personal. Running through all of these aspects you find financial realities and the need for financial planning. During this talk we focus on the many nuances and stages of financial planning related to the sales and purchase of a business. There are many different ways to structure such transactions and many subtleties to the structure decision. There are several stages to this planning and it’s never too early to start the planning process!


The 7 costly sins of business ownership

Description: Our work with a wide variety of business owners in vastly different industries and widely varying stages of life and business has made one conclusion absolutely clear. Virtually every successful private business owner is losing money. His/her business may be generating a very high profit/return, but much of that profit is slipping through the fingers of the owner, through the fingers of virtually every business owner. It doesn’t matter who your accounting team is (big 5 or small 5), nor who provides your legal (inter/national or local) or wealth management (Bay St. or Weber St.) advice. Virtually every business owner is committing one or more of the seven costly sins highlighted in this talk.


Virtually all private business owners are losing money

Or How to get your profits out of your business effectively

Description: Successful private business owners have a wealth of options and choices – different strategies – available to them to move profits out of their companies and into their own personal wealth holdings effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, most, if not all, successful private business owners have only considered a few such options and choices. In almost all cases, the optimal structures and tools are not in place. Virtually all business owners are suffering unnecessary losses and entirely avoidable tax erosion because they simply have not considered ALL of the options and choices available to them!


Building your ‘complete’ advisory team

Description: Most business owners have their accounting and legal teams in place. Most also have some sort of investment advisor or wealth management team handling their personal holdings. And most business owners are missing the fourth pillar of their ideal, complete advisory team. Their missing a team that ties all of their other teams together inside a robust, complete and comprehensive financial planning process. During this talk we demonstrate the value provided by this fourth team, this complete and comprehensive financial planning team.


Business owners: How to reduce investment risk and massively increase returns

Description: Virtually every successful business owner is losing money. His/her business is generating a healthy profit, but as that profit is transitioned from the company to the owner’s personal holdings (via salary, dividend, etc.), far too much money is lost to unnecessary losses and entirely avoidable tax erosion. This is the case for virtually every successful business owner. During this talk we highlight how successful business owners can capture this lost profit that is currently slipping through their fingers. This revelation then leads on to reduced investment risk and massively increased returns.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

Or 365 days to turn a big profit. A few hours to keep it.

Or Comparing returns: Working IN your business versus ON your business

Description: We’re all familiar with Stephen Covey’s four quadrant matrix weighing Importance against Urgency. Items in the bottom are not Important. Those in the top row are Important. Items on the left are not Urgent. Those in the right column are Urgent. Many of us spend far too much time in the bottom row, the Not Important row. During this talk we urge business owners to spend a little more time in the top row, the Important row, and specifically the top left quadrant, on items that are Important, but Not Urgent. Complete and comprehensive financial planning is one such activity, and the return on time spent hear far outweighs any similar investment of time in any of the other quadrants.