We serve successful private business owners, helping them develop financial mastery. We do so through The Financial Mastery Program, one on one, serving our you. That said, as a small firm, we are always seeking new ways to share our knowledge and be of service.

To this end…




We would be honoured to speak to your audience on a wide range of topics related to our work. Please review the suggested presentation topics and descriptions and contact us to learn more.


White Paper

We recently released a white paper titled “The 7 Costly Sins of Private Business Ownership.” Please contact us to receive your copy.


The Earnings Beacon

The Earnings Beacon focuses upon the personal and corporate financial areas of most critical importance to business owners. These topics include profit protection and maximization, personal and corporate tax efficiencies, as well as wealth management, and lastly retirement, estate and legacy planning.

We publish The Earnings Beacon via email directly to your inbox approximately monthly, October through June of each year.


The Earnings Beacon Seminar Series

Through The Earnings Beacon Seminar Series we present topics of critical financial importance to successful private business owners. Seminar Series events are kept to a small audience of business owners, presented in a comfortable venue, with a formal presentation followed by informal questions and discussion.

Seminar Series events are typically offered one to three times per year, generally from October through May.


Our Private LinkedIn Group Exclusively for Successful Private Business Owners

Through our private and moderated LinkedIn group, exclusively for successful private business owners, we encourage discussion of business news and financial matters of interest. We encourage group members to post articles, questions and other discussion items. When you join the group, you will join a group of your peers, other successful private business owners.

The group name within LinkedIn is “Protect and Maximize Your Business Profits“. You can learn more about the group and consider joining here.