Over decades of service, we have learned that virtually all successful business owners suffer from what we refer to as The False Complexity Problem.

False Complexity Problem

Most private business owners have become convinced that effective financial planning, both in their personal lives and in the companies, is both complex and cumbersome. This is simply not true.

Financial Mastery Program

Effective financial planning need not be complex. The Financial Mastery Program simplifies your financial planning, then optimizes it, and puts you in charge of your financial future. We help you achieve Financial Mastery.

The Financial Mastery Program includes three different levels to meet your needs.

Basic Program

Entry-level planning and implementation.

  • Life insurance needs assessment, analysis and design
  • Investment review and recommendation
  • Critical Illness, Disability and related needs assessment, analysis and design
  • Ongoing review and adjustment of above

Advanced Personal Program

Robust personal financial planning.

  • Everything included in the Basic Program, plus…
  • Value Realization Process™ (personal)
  • Review of desired future goals
  • Complete financial plan
  • Full investment planning
  • Full retirement planning
  • Full estate planning with primary will review
  • Ongoing review and adjustment

Elite Corporate Program

Thorough financial planning and execution covering personal and corporate.

  • Everything included in the Advanced Personal Program, plus…
  • Value Realization Process™ (corporate)
  • Bring in other trusted specialists
  • Working with other specialists, review of all existing structures (companies, trusts, etc.) and tools (wills, agreements, freezes, etc.)
  • Redesign of desired structures and tools
  • Complete corporate financial plan
  • Ongoing review and adjustment