Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions

Trusted since 1989, we believe business owners should master The Four Knows. We believe The False Complexity Problem is crippling business owners needlessly. We work with you, using The Financial Mastery Program, to help you overcome these challenges and to ensure you finally do master The Four Knows.


A Stark Reality

Virtually all private business owner are losing money, their personal wealth, as they move profits from their company to their own personal holdings. If you own a profitable private Canadian company, we are pretty certain that you too are losing money, your personal wealth, badly, and have been for quite some time. Chances are you are leaving money, a lot of money, on the table.

It doesn’t matter who your accounting team is (big 5 or small 5), nor who provides your legal (inter/national or local) or wealth management (Bay St. or Weber St.) advice. We have seen it all. Put simply, chances are you do not currently have a cohesive and thorough financial plan that encompasses your ongoing personal and family lifestyle needs, your entire business structure, your holding company and family trust, not to mention your transition and retirement, along with your estate and legacy planning.

If leaking your wealth is no longer acceptable to you, contact us today for your complimentary, no-obligation session.


Our Advisory Philosophy

We keep our advisory philosophy quite simple. We are a small and conservative firm. We believe in the power of consistent returns and further believe that few people truly understand the everlasting damage caused by unnecessary losses and tax erosion.

Put simply, we follow these three tenets:

  1. Avoid all unnecessary wealth erosion – virtually every successful business owner today is suffering massive unnecessary wealth erosion
  2. Avoid all unnecessary losses – virtually every successful business owner today is invested in an overly aggressive portfolio (often due to the psychological effects of the significant unnecessary wealth erosion)
  3. Earn a steady, reliable return in as tax-efficient manner as possible – unnecessary losses cause tremendous and lasting damage to long-term portfolio returns


The Way We See It

“Without a doubt the biggest challenge I see in small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses is identifying those tools and strategies that will most effectively move ‘the money’ to the owner’s preferred destination. Most often that means into his/her own pockets.” –Brian Ogilvie, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.

“So many successful business owners work tirelessly, often 365 days each year, driving their companies to profitability. It’s so tremendously unfortunate that virtually all of those same business owners suffer from the same problem, excessive and unnecessary tax erosion along with other entirely avoidable losses. Given the 365 days invested in generating the profit, we advise that a few more hours should be invested to hold on to it.”  –Steve Southern, B.Math., M.B.A.