The Financial Mastery Program simplifies your financial planning, then optimizes it, and puts you in charge of your financial future.


Want to learn more about your financial future? Want a second opinion? We provide these 2-hour sessions to be of service, from the very beginning.


The Value Realization Process™, unique to our firm, is a comprehensive and in-depth strategic planning process to optimize your plan.


We're surveying Canadian business owners. The goal: to assess and understand the current state of financial planning for this vital group.

Financial Mastery for Canadian Business Owners

Over decades of service, we have learned that virtually all successful business owners suffer from what we refer to as The False Complexity Problem.

False Complexity Problem

Most private business owners have become convinced that effective financial planning, both in their personal lives and in the companies, is both complex and cumbersome. This is simply not true.

Financial Mastery Program

Effective financial planning need not be complex. We simplify it, optimize it, and put you in charge of your financial future. We help you achieve Financial Mastery.

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White Paper

We recently released a white paper titled “The 7 Costly Sins of Private Business Ownership.” Are you committing any?


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From Questions to Answers

When do you want to retire?

Do you need more capital?

Do you have dependents? Do you or will you have adult dependents?

Who will buy your business?


Are you satisfied paying the income and other taxes that you have had to pay recently?

Do you want to ensure that you are paying your fair share, but no more than your fair share?

What do you want to do in your retirement?

Will the sale or ongoing profits from your business meet your retirement needs?





What Truly Matters Most?

Your spouse? Your children? Your extended family? Your community? Your legacy?

Do you want to spend more time with those whom you love?

Do you want to ensure those whom you love are provided for in the future?

Do you want to ensure you do not leave a burden behind?

Do you want to minimize and optimize your tax erosion now and in the future?


Do you want to fund a much larger, more impactful legacy than you think is currently possible?

Do you want to ensure your company continues into the future?

Do you want to find a way to transition your business to the next generation?

Do you want to prepare for all reasonable possibilities and eventualities?

Do you want to prepare today to seize new opportunities that may arise tomorrow?





About Us

Trusted since 1989, we believe business owners should master The Four Knows. We believe The False Complexity Problem is crippling business owners needlessly. We work with you, using The Financial Mastery Program, to help you overcome these challenges and to ensure you finally do master The Four Knows.